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Picture of White Label Sangiovese Hilltops 2021

White Label Sangiovese Hilltops 2021

Chianti by another name, when in Italy, and an increasingly popular wine style on the Australian winescape. After only 9 months in oak our Sangiovese has retained that vibrant bright cherry red colour of youth.
Aromas of fresh cherries on the nose are bolstered by earthy umami aromas and a shadow of earthy beetroot relish. There is a depth of aroma here that is beguiling. The palate shows medium weight with a viscosity that allows it to flow gracefully around your mouth. Dusty tannins and pure red fruits of cherry and red plums make this a delight. Best served around 16oC – 18oC to see this wine at its best. Drinking well over the next 5-7 years.
Cured meats like Prosciutto di Parma or San Daniele bring a balance of saltiness, sweetness, and fat – ideal for such a wine. A well-balanced duck or venison ragu would also be a great match.

Picture of White Label Malbec Hilltops 2021

White Label Malbec Hilltops 2021

Never have we seen a wine here that hides in the dark and simply broods. It is almost menacing. With its deep, sangre red colour and ripe fruit characters this is a serious addition to the Glandore portfolio.
Deliciously aromatic, our Malbec will take you on a journey. Aromas of fresh dates, mulberries and cocoa nibs are supported by husky roasted peanut shells and earthy beetroot juice. 
The palate is a bomb! Full bodied and astonishingly flavoursome, the generous, rich fruits warm the mouth and lead to the fantastically long finish. Tannins are softened by all that fruit richness and a sensual kiss of rich chocolate mousse on the finish is a parting gift. Drinking beautifully now and will age though please enjoy in the next 3-5 years so you can enjoy all it has to offer.
A food favourite and will pair well with some flavoursome pasta dishes. Our suggestion is an Italian sausage bolognaise and fresh grated 24 month aged Parmigiano-Reggiano.

Picture of White Label Shiraz Hunter Valley 2021

White Label Shiraz Hunter Valley 2021

Not surprisingly, this is a very early bottling of our Hunter Shiraz but when the winemakers had pulled the wine out of barrel for a routine tasting they were stoked with how vibrant and silky the wine was. Bottle it now was the call and here it is. So much fruit!! An amazingly bright and youthful wine with mountain loads of fresh red fruits and rich characters of delicious dark plums.

The wine is medium bodied like a true Hunter Shiraz should be and the fine and slightly dusty tannins are just beautifully counter punched by all those delicious red fruits that well up on the palate. Juicy red fruits of dark plum, fresh raspberries and cranberry are lavished upon you before moving to a soft, silken finish. 

Drinking beautifully now as this wine is all about those delicious fresh fruit characters. The wine will cellar in the short to medium term. Drinking well into 2026.

This is the perfect everyday glass of wine that you need....everyday! Enjoy this wine by itself but if you were to match it with a flavoursome San Choy Bao you will not be disappointed. Believe us, it works.

Picture of White Label Tempranillo Hilltops 2022

White Label Tempranillo Hilltops 2022

Tempranillo has been incredibly successful for Glandore and fresh, early bottlings of the wine (to keep up with demand) have been a benefit to us all. The wines are brighter and full of life, ready for you to enjoy.

Classic dark plum fruits are balanced by delicious smoky paprika spice and just a hint of leafiness on the nose. The expressive palate is so youthful with juicy, bright acidity and vibrant tannins. There are generous up front blue fruits to balance the savoury structure of the wine and that acidity leaves you with a kiss and a whisper clean palate. A wine for its youth though will reward with some time. Enjoy drinking until 2030.

Try coal roasting a whole fish seasoned in Spanish herbs and spices. Use a fish fuller bodied in flavour to get the perfect match. Cod or snapper maybe.

Picture of White Label Nebbiolo Hilltops 2022

White Label Nebbiolo Hilltops 2022

Sometimes winemaking takes you to places you wouldn’t have thought of and Nebbiolo can make that happen. In 2022 our Nebb went unsulphured for 9 months as it just wouldn’t complete secondary malolactic fermentation. It sat in barrel all winter and a metamorphosis occurred.  A new deep, rich colour with aromatic and flavour optics that are next level.

Cherry fruits and rose florals pour from the glass while a reward of cola lollies and port wine jubes assault the senses. So much aroma it is difficult to fathom it all. The palate carries the robust tannin structure we expect but there is a big thump of core fruit on the mid palate overlying a spine of firm acidity. This wine has great length and shows all the characters of previous releases, but they are intensified and opulent.

Every Nebbiolo we have made has always gone into the same old hogsheads since 2017 but this the first wine we allowed to winter with no sulphur. We love the new direction and can’t wait to hear from you about it. Please enjoy it now but you can keep drinking until 2028.

That style of palate can handle some heavy hitting and we suggest a Shanghai style braised pork belly and Asian greens.

Picture of Black Label TPR Tempranillo 2019

Black Label TPR Tempranillo 2019

An absolute cracking wine from the superb 2019 vintage here in the Hunter Valley and arguably one of our best TPR’s produced to date.
Youth is definitely on this wines side with fresh fruit aromas of figs and black currants presenting from the glass. This is further complexed by enticing black tea, toffee, nutmeg and cinnamon spice and with just a hint of black olive tapenade. Yes, there is a lot going on here.
The palate is seamless with no gaps, peaks or valleys from the front to the back palate. Generous to a fault and beautifully balanced with fine dusty tannins providing superb structure. There is a creamy richness to the wine that rounds out the finish and leaves the palate gasping for more. Drinking beautifully now but will continue to do so for another 10-15 years with amazing complexity.
A wine that will appreciate working with some decent flavours. Low and slow would work well. Either in a slow cooker or on your backyard smoker beef short ribs, deliciously sticky and melt in your mouth is the order of the day.
Picture of Black Label Fireball Cabernet Merlot 2021

Black Label Fireball Cabernet Merlot 2021

While there is certainly a good percentage of Merlot in Fireball, it is hard to see past all that delicious Cabernet characteristics.

The nose is opulent to say the least! Cassis and blackcurrant dominate with hints of menthol, tobacco and cigar box rounding out the swag of aroma. The deliciously sweet up-front fruit is very forward with the Merlot finally coming into play through the generous midpalate. The tannins are long and stretch out across the mouth right until the finish where blackcurrant fruits wave goodbye. This is a cracking wine and certainly is one for the cellar. Will be drinking way past 2033 if you can keep it that long!

This is the perfect wine to pair with a lamb rack. We have suggested Fireball and lamb before but that’s because it is a good idea.

Picture of Black Label Hamish Shiraz 2021

Black Label Hamish Shiraz 2021

After bushfires destroyed the chance of any wines in 2020, for some of you it has been a painful waiting period but finally that wait is over. The 2021 Hamish has arrived.

This is a truly superb representation of viticulture and winemaking in the Hunter Valley. Dark mulberries are supported by deep savoury notes of caramelised balsamic, graphite and the earthy petrichor of wet forest.

The palate length is surreal with crunchy, underripe cherry opening up to red fruits and a generous kick of tannins on the finish. The mouthfeel is seamless from front to back and shows classy elegance with its medium weight and spicy french oak on the finish.

The wine will reward you now but will give you a fantastically different drinking experience with some considerable time in the cellar. Drinking well into 2031.

A wine of this calibre deserves some preparation in the kitchen. Plan ahead with a rotisserie Porchetta over coals, pan roasted whole red onions and dutch carrots to pair.