Pleasing Pinot Noir! 12 of our favourite Pinot!

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Our Tumbarumba Pinot is an awesome little wine that is the perfect food accompaniment. Can you guess the food match for Pinot before you get to the bottom of this?
The pale, slightly brick red colour is about right for a Pinot with three years of bottle age. The Strawberry Coulis type fruits are complexed by Nutmeg, hints of cedar and classic forest floor characters. The palate is soft and well balanced with a light dusting of tannins. The plummy mid palate fruits are rounded out by just a squeeze of acidity which help to pair this wine beautifully with….DUCK! Well done if you got it go buy some.

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Picture of Regional Series Sangiovese Hilltops 2018

Regional Series Sangiovese Hilltops 2018

Never was a wine made that had a greater affiliation to food than Sangiovese, or as the Italians know it, Chianti.

The wine is a bright ruby red in colour and with fantastic aromas of Maraschino cherries and deliciously ripe raspberries it is an absolute delight. Savoury oak with hints of dark chocolate and subtle star anise & Szechuan pepper notes adds further to the complexity.

The palate is medium bodied and incredibly well structured. The tannins are fine and long and that typical acidity we see with is variety gives and incredible length to the palate. Sweet mid palate raspberry fruits provide a freshness and liveliness to this fantastic wine.

Cured meats like Prosciutto di Parma or San Daniele balance of saltiness, sweetness, and fat – ideal for such a wine. A well balanced duck or venison ragu would also be a great match.


Picture of Regional Series Tempranillo Hilltops 2016

Regional Series Tempranillo Hilltops 2016

No longer considered an alternative variety on the Australian Wine Scene, Tempranillo has fast become an incredibly popular wine style.

Our 2016 Regional Series Tempranillo is a beautiful garnet red in colour exhibiting aromas of rich cherry pie with hints of cinnamon spice. Like all our Tempranillo’s, we love the complexity that spicy paprika adds.

The palate is firm with a tannic bite balanced by sweet mid-palate blue fruits. The wine has a great length and is ready to be served with a robust food pairing.

To mix things up, replace the traditional Toulouse Sausage in a Cassoulet with a spicy chorizo to get a fantastic match.

Picture of Black Label Centurion Sparkling Shiraz 2014

Black Label Centurion Sparkling Shiraz 2014

The only thing to kick the Shiraz Cabernet Blend off the top of the Aussie icon wine list is the Sparkling Shiraz….and we have given it a red hot go.

Made from fruit 100-year-old vines in McLaren Vale this is an amazing wine even if it was without the fancy bottle and all the fizz. Rich chocolate and mocha nougat are basically fighting for your olfactory system. The intensity from the glass is perfect. Cinnamon, clove and soft red fruits pay homage to the three years we patiently looked after this wine in oak.

The fine mousse on the palate and the persistent bead in the glass is exactly what we were hoping to achieve with our first ever Sparkling Shiraz. The sweet mid palate cranberry fruits and spice of French oak give rise to a wine of fantastic complexity and we sincerely hope you enjoy this exciting new wine from Glandore.

What’s the menu plan? Whole suckling pig with crackling and few salads just to play the part but really, it's all about the pig.