Adora Chocolate Collection - At Home Experience

Welcome to the Glandore Wines & Adora Chocolate at Home Tasting Experience.


The truffle collection includes the six truffles chosen to entice and intrigue when paired to the Glandore Collection of wines. Each of these truffles have been handcrafted, using the finest ingredients and natural flavours.

We have created a decadent stay-at-home moment for those committed to the pursuit of gourmet indulgence.

You will need to purchase one Chocolate Tasting pack per person. If there are four of you, you will need four chocolate packs.

There is plenty of wine to go around in the wine collection!

Inside this collection of 6 truffles you will find one of each of the following.


Lime and White Chocolate Truffle

Caramel Cone Truffle

Raspberry Truffle

Ginger Spice Truffle

Blueberry Truffle

Honey Truffle


This is the Ultimate Night in and a fantastic experience for all that indulge. If you are looking for something unique then this is it.

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Picture of Glandore Wine Collection - At Home Experience

Glandore Wine Collection - At Home Experience

Welcome to the Glandore Wines & Adora Chocolate Home Tasting Experience.


For the past 5 years we have hosted thousands of people at cellar door for this decadent experience and now you can indulge at home.

The six wines included in the collection are all individually matched to six beautifully crafted Adora truffles.

By adding this item to your cart you will receive the six wines, pairing notes, a Glandore team members favourite pairing and our tasting mats.

In this collections you will find one bottle of the following.


2019 Black Label 'DPJ' Chardonnay

2021 Regional Series Hunter Valley Rosé

2017 Regional Series Hunter Valley Tempranillo

2018 Regional Series Hunter Valley Shiraz

2015 Black Label 'Ward' Shiraz Cabernet

2021 Regional Series Block 'A' Late Harvest


Now that you have the wines, you need the chocolates! You will need to purchase the Chocolate six packs individually.

One for each person that will be enjoying this unique and wonderful experience. Go back a page to grab them!

Picture of Regional Series Hunter Valley Rose 2021

Regional Series Hunter Valley Rose 2021

The wine is beautifully aromatic and packed with red summer fruits of strawberries and raspberries. There is a floral rose water character on the nose that reminds us of indulgent Turkish Delight and finishes with a sherbety hint waving farewell.
The palate takes us to the south of France where dry, crisp Rosé’s are the order of the day. The wine has a fantastic balance, and those summer fruits dominate the medium bodied palate. There is a light dusting of phenolics that give texture to the wine and a kiss of acidity on the finish cleans up the palate and leaves you salivating for more.
Pair with a shared board of cheese, antipasto, cured meats and savoury nuts. 

Picture of Regional Series Nebbiolo Hilltops 2019

Regional Series Nebbiolo Hilltops 2019

Nebbiolo is a thick-skinned grape variety and while the colour in the glass is a bright cherry red, it is translucent. However, lurking in these thick skins are tannins and these give the wine its fantastic structure.

The wine is light to medium bodied on the palate with sweet fruits of cherries and blueberries backed up by firm tannins. Combine this with a crunchy acidity giving the wine length and you have a wine screaming out for a protein laden dish to suit.

Fantastic to drink as a young wine so enjoy over the next 2-3 years but it will last a few more than that.

Protein doesn’t always have to be a cut of meat. Grab a timber board, add rich pork sausage, creamy prosciutto, fresh burrata, a slice of pecorino, a few chestnuts and a handful of olives. Buon Appetito.